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What is the 3 day potty training Method?

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What is the 3 day potty training Method?

3 answers
3 years ago
Lets take it back and ask 'can someone give me a 3 day potty training for dummies' description. I saw a post talking about it but what exactly is it, is it basically a "take your child to the bathroom every 30 minutes" thing or what? Does it actually work?

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3 years ago
get your kitchen timer and set it for ten minutes for the first two days. when the bell dings, you say, "it's potty time!" don't ask your child if he/she wants to go sit on the potty, you just tell him/her that you are going to sit on the potty. you need to get him to sit for atleast 3-4 minutes to atleast try to do something. after those two days, try every 15 minutes. then move it up to every 20 minutes, and so on. put her/him in cotton underwear, not pull ups. let him run around bottomless if you want to. i was against the whole punishment for accidents thing, until today. i started to train my daughter at 19 months. she was doing well, and then just gave up. she demanded to be trained twice. at first she went to the bathroom with a parents guide to potty training, and told me to sit on the big potty. she took off her pants, and diaper, and sat down. then she handed me the guide, and said, "here mama. you read now. you teach me" as she opened up the book and turned the pages for me. a few days ago, she just decided to give up. she will sit on it, but won't do anything until after she gets up and then goes in her underwear. so, now it's just a matter of forcing her to do it. i know that sounds cruel, but i don't want a 3 year old kid in diapers. i know she's capable, so she's going to do it, whether she likes it or not. when she pooped and peed her pants this morning, i put her in the tub, and told her that she was going to clean herself up, because i was tired of wiping her poopy butt. she screamed, and whined, but after 5 minutes, she took her clothes off, and cleaned herself up. she's now 21 months, and after that episode this morning, we have not had any more accidents. i hope this helps. good luck, potty training can be a nightmare.
3 years ago
just for the record, i have not and will not put my child in time-out or spank her for accidents.
1 month ago
It's alot more than taking your child to the bathroom every 30min. If it were it would be alot easier to accomplish. There's potty fears, stubbornness, defiance and so many other obstacles. The 3 day potty training program goes over ALL of that. The one we got had a "bumps in the road" section for all of these variables. Here's great review about the top 3 potty training programs

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