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what are these whit spots called?

3 answers
4 years ago
I know the spots are due to pregnancy but I can't find what they are called anywhere online. The nurse told me they were due to pregnancy but he did not tell me what they were called and I forgot to ask. Did anyone else get them when they were pregnant?

answers (3)

4 years ago
Are they itchy? I had something called PUPS, it was from too many hormones in my body. They were so itchy and started around the most sensitive skin (my belly, then arms and backs of my hands) I'm not sure if that is the same thing but I hope this helps. You could always call your nurses and they can tell you.
4 years ago
They don't itch. They are mostly on my hands and by my arm pits.
4 years ago
My guess is vitiligo, but there are other possibilities: Lori Day

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