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What Month Can You Feel The Baby Move..?

8 answers
4 years ago
I Wont To know What Month I Can Feel The Baby Move..?

answers (8)

4 years ago
About 19 weeks is when i felt mine and 22 weeks when i could feel him on the outside =)
4 years ago
I felt mine 20 weeks and by the next day my husband felt him.
4 years ago
Sorry about saying him I had a girl but I was reading shookers comment and writing mine at the same time and she said him.
4 years ago
With my daughter it was about 17 weeks and my husband felt her the same time I did. With my son I was about 11 weeks when I felt him and again close to 18 weeks before my husband felt him. He was also shy and would not kick when my husband put his hand on my belly.
4 years ago
I felt my first baby when I was about 19 weeks, my second when I was 16 weeks and my third when I was 18 weeks. My husband is just now (at 21 weeks) being able to feel out third baby move. He could feel the others sometime after 20 weeks.
4 years ago
Usually you will feel the baby move by the 20th week , if it is your 1st sometimes may be a bit later , will feel like a flutter , then get progressively stronger each week as baby grows!
4 years ago
Aww Howw Kutee!!;] Well Im Aboutt 18 Weeks And Me Andd Myy BooyFriendd Fell Thee Babyy Moovee Alott!! Thanks For All The Anwserss Thankk Alll Of Youu..!!?
3 years ago
Its starts from 7 or 7 and half month when you feel your baby moves.metformin

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