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when im 18 weeks i have an appointment to find out the sex

2 answers
5 years ago
im really hoping to find out the sex of the baby if its a boy i wanna name him samuel after my hubbers and then joe after my dad

answers (2)

5 years ago
I found out what I was having when I was 18 weeks, but be warned: baby might not cooperate. My daughter had her legs  crossed and was turned in a way that was very difficult for the tech to see her goods. We thought we were going to have to wait until my u/s at 22 weeks to find out. The tech left the room to ask the specialist a question, and I got up and walked around. She came back and took one last look and, lo and behold, she had uncrossed her legs!
5 years ago
Good luck, but remember the ultra sound is to make sure the baby is healthy, which is the most important! The sex is second.

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