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When will I feel pregnant; I'm almost 6 weeks pregnant with my 3rd?

2 answers
4 years ago
I'm just about 6 weeks along with my third baby and I don't "feel" pregnant. I have fatigue and I had a little nausea last week but the last few days I feel "like me". Just wondering when I will "feel" pregnant and when I might start showing. I'm 5'10", 157lbs, with an athletic build. Will I show sooner than my last pregnancies and at about what week?

answers (2)

4 years ago
You might start showing sooner, but every pregnancy is different. With my third (born about two weeks ago) I didn't show at all until I was 19 weeks when my belly literally popped out overnight. I definitely started showing much earlier than that with  my first two. So you'll just have to wait and see.
4 years ago
It all depends on the baby. Most morning sickness starts around the 6th week so you maybe getting ready for it. I never had really bad ms with either of mine. A little bit but nothing compared to some. With my second I felt bloated early but did not really show for awhile. It is all how they are laying. Some days I was bigger then others. Also with your first it is all about the new pregnancy and the new baby.  Then with your second it is special but you are a little distracted by your other kid. And I can only guess when you have 2 that you are busy and life does not really revolve around the new baby that will soon be joining your family.

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