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Where is a good place to have my daughter's birthday party?

4 answers
4 years ago
My daughter's birthday is in December. I plan on doing a disney princess theme.

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4 years ago
It depends on how old she is. Places like Chuck E Cheese's are great for older kids. My kids are still little so we've always had their parties at home. If you plan on having a lot of guests you can look into a community center or something like that, they will have plenty of room but it will still be private.
4 years ago
If she's younger I think something like the jump in the fun if you have one in your location.
4 years ago
McDonald's play room so you don't have to clean up the mess but if you want the room closed off, it will cost you. A hotel with a pool (rent their banquet hall, you can use the pool too). Mostly depends on her age.
4 years ago
You don't mention how old she is...but here are some things I have done with my kids:Mcdonalds playland.Bowlingmovie at the theatreyou can rent out community centers here use their gym etcif you live in a warm climate go to a park.

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