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4 years ago
for the record, i really hate stupid questions. whether it's on the internet, or in person. last week, i was in wal-mart with my newborn. a stranger came up to me, looked at my daughter, and said "can you say hello?" then she just stood there waiting for anabelle to start a conversation with her. needless to say, i got irritated very quickly at her idiotic nature, and said, "no, dummy. in case you were unaware, newborns cannot talk! now if you will excuse me, i have grocery shopping to do, so go bother someone else." AAAHHH! i just don't understand some people. i know that she was just trying to be nice, but what on earth was she thinking???

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4 years ago
4 years ago
She obviously didn't know how rude you are. Chances are she was just waiting for a smile, not an actual conversation. It may be hard for you to understand, but people really aren't that stupid.
4 years ago
that may be true, but asking a newborn to say hello is a bit ridiculous. and yes, there are people out there that ARE THAT STUPID!!!, in case it may be hard for you to understand, V

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