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Baby Milestones: When to Worry About Late Bloomers

Larsen & Talbert

The Twelve-Month Mark

Good-bye baby, hello toddler—maybe. By her first birthday, your baby may seem like a little boy or girl. Then again, she may still not have mastered many big-kid skills, as development continues to vary widely. You’ll want to talk to your baby’s doctor if:

  • She isn’t attempting much in the way of words. The typical just-turned-one-year-old may say two or three words recognizable only to Mom and Dad, or have a vocabulary of two dozen. But she should at least be babbling a lot.
  • She isn’t yet getting around efficiently, be it by crawling or cruising or walking.
  • She shows no interest in interactive games like peekaboo or pat-a-cake, and doesn’t search for objects that are hidden while she watches.
  • She isn’t pointing to objects or pictures or using gestures like waving or shaking her head no.

This is an excerpt from THE BABYTALK INSIDER’S GUIDE TO YOUR BABY’S FIRST YEAR by the Editors of Babytalk Magazine. Copyright © 2008 by The Parenting Group, Inc. Published by Grand Central Publishing, New York, NY. All rights reserved.