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10 Tips for Playroom Organization

Read All About It

Lining up books on a shelf is tedious, and they usually end up in a messy pile ten minutes later anyway; instead, slot them into this sleek canvas rack. He'll easily find all his faves because the covers face forward -- and the handy bins below can hold blocks, cars, action figures, puzzles, whatever he can get his hands on. Sling Bookshelf, $69.95;

Well Suited

Polly Pockets, Barbie shoes, bead kits -- if the dog doesn't eat them up, then the vacuum cleaner certainly will. Protect her tiny treasures in these sweet three-piece suitcase sets she can also tote along on playdates. Have Star Wars guys to stash instead? Check out the other colors, like green, blue, and red. Pack Your Bags, $19.95 per set;

Inside the Box

These cool modular cubes offer endless possibilities for toy storage and decor -- use just one as an end table or stack six to form a wall unit. In 12 colors. Three lucky moms will each win a set of two toy boxes plus a topper to create a table (value: $163). Go to to enter. See page 128 for more details. Via Toy Boxes, $59 each;

Hang Time

No more dropping dress-up clothes on the floor! This modern, eco-friendly rack made of sustainable wood is perfectly sized, so your tot will be inspired to hang up all her things. It's a splurge, but it looks so good that you'll keep it around when she's grown up. Also in light green, brown, and natural. Hang-Ten Coat Rack, $120;

Spin City

This multipocketed storage cylinder is made of mesh, so you can easily see inside to find that oh-so-important sparkly unicorn. Suspend it from the ceiling, hang it in the closet, or dangle it from the end of a curtain rod or bedpost. Also in navy and khaki. Bongo Nest Storage Unit, $24.99;

Basket Case

Turn your kids into quicker picker-uppers with these colorful and durable baskets deep enough to hold everything from baby dolls to backhoes. Available in four striped color combinations and nine solid colors. Strapping Floor Bins, $14.95 each;