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15 Ways to Have a Great Pregnancy

4. Wear a sexy bra...

Since you now have a dream bustline, have some fun, girl! Try something lacy, or if you want an underwire for an extra boost, lingerie shops like Victoria's Secret, and some department stores, now carry sexy push-up styles in sizes up to a DD cup.

5. ....and a soothing one.

During pregnancy, breasts can feel uncomfortable if unsupported, even while you sleep. Try a stretchy pull-on bra, or even a long tank with a built-in support shelf, for overnight relief.

6. Resist radical haircuts.

"I had my shoulder-length hair cut very short while pregnant and I looked like I'd gained fifteen pounds in five minutes," says Kathy Suder, a mother of three in Fort Worth, TX. "Nature is already doing this makeover on you  -- you don't need to add to the changes." Put the word out to your friends, husband, family, and hairstylist to talk you out of any over-the-top changes that you demand in a moment of hormonally induced dissatisfaction with your looks. (Small alterations, however, are great for a little lift.)