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15 Ways to Have a Great Pregnancy

9. Inhale the relaxation.

Aromatherapy gets a bad rap, but experts know that aromas stimulate the olfactory nerves, which in turn activate the emotional center in the brain. Since soothing, relaxing scents are what you need right now, look for lavender or vanilla candles, available at almost any drug- or department store.

10. Keep your style.

If bootleg pants and body-skimming jackets are your signature look, pregnancy doesn’t have to change that, says Jody Kozlow Gardner, cofounder of the Belly Basics maternity line and coauthor of Pregnancy Chic. Number-one pregnancy-fashion advice: Don't try to hide the fact that you're pregnant. It's impossible. And  anyway, you can show off your new shape in style these days, since more and more retailers now ofer reasonably priced but fashion-forward maternity wear. Find great maternity style from online retailers like and, as well as at boutique-style stores like A Pea in the Pod.

11. Sip a soothing tea.

A tea ritual can be a great way to relax: Brew up a decaf version of your favorite, add a bit of honey and lemon, sit back, sip, and clear your mind.

Just remember that many herbs are not safe during pregnancy, so check with your doctor before trying any herbal teas. Sticking with a flavored black or green tea that's been decaffeinated is your best bet.