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15 Ways to Have a Great Pregnancy

14. Write to your baby.

Connect with your child before birth by writing her a letter. It can be long or short, goofy or profound, a poem, a drawing. Whatever form your communication takes, it will be a treasure for your child later in life. "I wrote to each of my three kids," says Suder. "I expressed how I felt as they were growing inside me and my dreams for them and myself as a mom. I'll give them each their letter when they turn sixteen."

15. Forget about it.

Besides eating right and getting proper prenatal care, one of the healthiest things you can do while pregnant is to forget that you're pregnant. Some tactics:

Escape to another time and place. A richly detailed novel set in another era  -- try Emma or Gone With the Wind  -- is what you're after here.

Float. Being in water is true liberation during pregnancy. You feel virtually weightless, your legs and feet free from their supporting role. Swim, play, give in. (But not in a hot tub; becoming overheated can be dangerous to your baby.)

Laugh. Rent Knocked Up. Go to a comedy club and live it up on laughs and soda. Watch Brady Bunch reruns on Nick at Nite. Take regular breaks from the intensity and swirl of emotions of pregnancy, and you'll feel the excitement and joy of it even more.

Kimberly Bonnell is a freelance writer.