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20+ of the Greatest Mom Tips Ever

3 Nighttime Tips
Think Big To avoid 2 a.m. diaper leaks, Brooke Harmon of Phoenix puts her son in a diaper one size up: "It absorbs all the pee and never makes a mess."
Go Backward Tonia Tomlin of Plano, TX, got so tired of her twin daughters' late-night ritual of ripping off their pj's that she put their footless zip-up sleepers on backward.
Do Diaper Prep Pre-fill newborn dipes with ointment before bed to save time during middle-of-the-night changes.

Better Mothering Through Technology
Heather Gibbs Flett and Whitney Moss, authors of The Rookie Mom's Handbook, offer up four ways to convert your iPhone into the ultimate mother's helper.

Make It a Baby Monitor You're at a dinner party and are worried you won't hear your sleeping baby in your host's bedroom. Download the application at ($4.99), then stash your phone near the babe. If he stirs, your phone will call a number you've chosen (e.g., Daddy's cell).
Let it Lull Download the white-noise ambient application ($1.99; and place the phone in your baby's car seat or stroller. The app also offers a variety of sounds, including some as quietly calming as lapping waves and rain.
Turn it into a Tracker Log your baby's diaper changes and feedings with the applications at (99¢, $7.99). Both store a history of your data, in case you need to share it with your doctor.
Have it Wooo Them Download the Wooo Button ( It's simple: You press a button and a man shouts "Wooo!" Kids love it, and it's so harmlessly addictive that you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Must-Know Multitasker
Now that you have a kid, you'll never get to go to the bathroom alone again. How to master the pee-and-feed with ease.
1. Wear elastic-waist pants or a comfy skirt you can lift with one hand.
2. Get the babe happily latched on.
3. Do your business.
4. Flush later—no need to chance a startle.

Tasty Teething Trick
Frozen washcloths are great, but your baby may stay at it longer and get more relief if you add some flavor into the mix. Try putting large chunks of these in a mesh teether:
Sour pickles (surprised? kids adore all things tangy)
Cool cucumbers
Sweet carrots

Stand-Up Comedy (aka the Vertical Diaper Change)
1. Wrap one arm around your child's belly to hold him still, then tear off the old dipe.
2. Ask him to touch his toes if he can, then use your free hand to wipe.
3. Place new diaper over the front of his body, push it through his legs, and then over his butt.
4.Secure tabs. Hike it up gently, then adjust tabs again if necessary.