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20+ Proven Exercise Strategies for Busy Moms

More energy? Smaller waistline? Able to lift a small child with a single hand and still have the strength to carry laundry, shopping bags and your phone? We're in the third month of our Love Your New Mom Body plan, and by now you should be seeing some significant results in how you look -- and feel. (Latecomers, please join in! Just make sure your doc approves, and modify the exercises as necessary. Go to for a look at parts 1 and 2.)

In our final workout, you'll build on the strength and aerobic gains you've made over the past two months. This month's program is all about maximizing your time, something most new moms don't have a lot of, so you can spend more minutes having fun with your little one. We've also got loads of tips on eating right, boosting energy, blasting fat and building endurance, so you'll be ready to take on the challenges of infancy and beyond!

Maximize Your Muscle Power

Every new mom knows how to multitask -- we juggle work, family, home and a dozen other obligations daily. So apply that same concept to your workout. This month's moves work several muscles simultaneously for maximum efficiency. "It takes about half the time as a typical strength routine," explains Suzanne Bowen, certified fitness instructor and creator of the DVD Long and Lean Prenatal Workout. These challenging moves will shape all of your major muscle groups in just 10 to 15 minutes. Do them as a circuit to raise your heart rate, and you'll also earn an extra calorie-burning boost.