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21 Little Beauty Tips That Make a Big Difference

Skip-a-Step Products That Really Come Through

Double-duty items can be time- and hassle-savers for moms -- except when they stink, in which case, they are double the frustration. Voila! Five that won't waste your money.

Garnier Fructis Moisture Works 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner "This doesn't skimp at all on conditioning," a common problem with shampoo-conditioners, says Eugene Toye, a stylist at New York City's Rita Hazan Salon. ($3.99)

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray Toye says this is more of a three-in-one: a degreaser (the alcohol acts as an oil-absorbing astringent if you lift your hair and spray lightly at the roots), body builder (again, lift and spray lightly at the roots), and, of course, fixative. ($14.99)

Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads With Salicylic Acid These foaming discs cleanse and are especially good at deterring breakouts, says Dr. Day. ($6.99)

Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes, SPF 20 New York makeup artist and mom Kimara Ahnert likes this concealer for its soothing and puffiness-reducing capabilities (aloe and green tea see to both), natural-looking coverage, and high SPF. ($9.99)

Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisture The rare blend that moisturizes as well as it tans, this lotion bronzes you so gradually and subtly, says Dr. Day, that you almost can't get it wrong. ($8.99)

3 Things You Can Literally Do in Your Sleep

Make every precious minute of snooze time count even more.

Give Your Hair Waves This trick works best for medium-to-thick hair that's somewhere between straight and wavy, but can also help boost body in fine hair or curly hair that's been blown out. Before bed, brush (dry) hair and secure it on top of your head with the scrunchie that's been banished to bathroom-drawer purgatory since back when Jon-Bon was shot through the heart and you were to blame. (Don't use a rubber band, which would leave a mark.) If you have fine hair, says Toye, use a bit of volumizer at the roots before putting it up. Wrap the ponytail around the base, and tuck the ends into the fabric. Then simply release the ponytail when you wake up, tousle, and enjoy your lovely, loose waves or fuller-than-usual body.

Wash Your Hair Or create the illusion that you did: Spray or shake some dry shampoo into your roots. When you wake up, any residual telltale powderiness will have been absorbed naturally. Try: Psssssst Instant Spray Shampoo ($8).

Soften Your Feet Every night for a week, right before bed, slather on a salicylic acid- and/or urea-rich lotion, then pull on a pair of cotton socks. You'll gradually slough off the rough spots (the salicylic acid and urea dissolve the dead skin) and leave the fresh skin moisturized, says Dr. Day. Sweet feet sans scraping! Try: Kerasal One Step Exfoliating Moisturizer Therapy ($9.99).