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21 Little Beauty Tips That Make a Big Difference

Cheap Thrills

Six mass-market finds that work just as well as (or better than) their poshest counterparts.

One With Nature Soaps Dead ringers for their spa-dwelling brethren, these bars are full of skin- and nose-pleasing natural extracts. ($3.79 at Whole Foods)

CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara This mascara has fast become a favorite in the beauty world-imparting serious, clump-free drama in a couple of strokes, notes Ahnert. ($9)

Exfoliating Gloves Yes, we're talking about those gloves that make you look like Minnie Mouse. Available at pretty much any drugstore, they're a less expensive, longer-lasting alternative to body scrubs, says Ahnert. (Around $6)

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Creme This cream packs professional-strength straightening power and frizz deterrence, says Toye. ($6.49)

Generic Paddle Brushes Those big, flat brushes with widely spaced plastic teeth are some of the best detangling tools in existence, says Toye. "Much better, in fact, than the priciest boar's-bristle brushes, which are no match for matted mom hair -- especially if your kids have been playing around with it." (Around $5)

Kiss Magic Shine File If you have the rare adult interaction to look forward to and your nails are a mess, skip the polish altogether and try a buffer, like this one, which has all you need in one tool. After quickly shaping the edges of your nails with a file, use the light-gray side (and a continuous, steady motion) to remove any discoloration and ridges from the nail surface in about ten strokes, says Michele Pierno, a nail pro and Kiss spokesperson. Then repeat with the white side, but with increased speed and friction, to bring out the glossiest possible finish. ($1.19 )

Abbie Kozolchyk lives in New York City and writes about beauty and travel.