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21 Infant Games to Get Baby's Mind Buzzing

Watch The Wiggles

Let's be honest: Despite recommendations that babies be TV-free, most get at least a glimpse. That's okay, says Judy DeLoache, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at the University of Virginia. "Putting your baby in a safe situation in front of the TV for fifteen or thirty minutes isn't going to matter. What has a detrimental effect is parking her there for a long while." Plus, you can make tube time work for her.

Make it a double
In one study, DeLoache found that viewing the same educational video five times a week for a month didn't boost 12-month-olds' vocabulary. What did? Being actively taught the new words by their parents. So echo what she sees on the tube.

Go live
Answering Dora the Explorer's questions out loud may feel silly, but your baby will find your antics far more interesting than the flat screen.