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3 Tummy Trouble Solutions

Ah, the holiday season, that lovely time of year when visions of sugar-plums, fudge, and cocktails dance on into your mouth. A fun time for you? Yep! Fun for your tummy? Not so much. Fortunately, Amy Foxx-Orenstein, D.O., associate professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, gives the info you need to avoid being the, ahem, party pooper.

Culprit #1: Round three at the buffet

The Consequence: Heartburn. Gobbling too much food at once expands your stomach and puts pressure on the valve to the esophagus, which allows stomach acid to splash up.

The Cure: Popping antacids like Tums or Mylanta gives fast relief by calming stomach acid. Medications that reduce or block acid production, like Pepcid AC, aren't as quick as antacids but do offer longer relief.