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5 Big New-Mom Decisions


Splashing in the water will become one of the best times of the day -- after the cord stump falls off. Until then, give her a sponge bath, focusing on her diaper area, of course, as well as behind her ears and in the folds of fat around her neck where milk and drool collect, notes Dr. Jana. When it's time for a bath in an infant tub or the sink, follow these steps:

Line it up

Gather your supplies -- a little tub, a hooded towel, washcloths, baby soap, a dish of warm water, cotton balls, a diaper, and her clothes -- so you don't have to leave your babe alone in the bath, even for a second. It also helps to have an extra pair of hands at first -- wet babies are slippery, and you will no doubt be nervous!

Add padding

Line the tub with a washcloth or hand towel to make a comfy, nonslip spot, and then fill it with a few inches of warm water.

Provide child support

Prop up her head and neck with one hand and wash her with the other. Start with the face (ears, cheeks, eyelids), using the cotton balls dipped in the dish of water only; then take a washcloth with a little baby cleanser to her neck, belly, arms, and legs. Save the diaper area for the end.

Love those locks

Shampoo her tiny head last, so she doesn't get too cold. Wrap her up well and try to keep her covered up as you apply a moisturizer.