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Ways to Get Kids Psyched About Fitness

Fit Milestones: What Most Kids Can Do?

By the end of the second year:

  • Walk without holding your hand

  • Pull a toy while walking

  • Carry a toy while walking

  • Begin to run

  • Stand on tiptoe

  • Kick a ball

  • Climb onto and down from the sofa

  • Walk up and down stairs holding on to support


By the end of the third year:


  • Climb well

  • Walk up and down stairs, alternating feet

  • Kick and direct the motion of a ball

  • Run easily

  • Pedal a tricycle

  • Bend over easily without falling


By the end of the fourth year:


  • Hop and stand on one foot for up to five seconds

  • Go up and down stairs without help

  • Kick a ball forward

  • Throw a ball overhand

  • Catch a bounced ball most of the time

  • Move forward and backward with agility


By the end of the fifth year:


  • Stand on one foot for ten seconds or longer

  • Hop

  • Do somersaults

  • Pump on a swing

  • May be able to skip


Ways to Sneak in Exercise

exercise table