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7 Ways to Prevent Obesity

6. Make Healthy Carbs a Habit

Like fats, carbohydrates are a necessary part of your child's diet—they give her energy to play and grow—but the carbs she consumes should be nutritionally sound. When your baby starts on solids, give her the fiber- and protein-packed carbohydrates found in whole-grain bread, fiber-rich cereals and fresh fruits 
and vegetables, not the empty carbs found in sweetened beverages and many packaged foods that lack the protein, fat and fiber needed to truly satisfy hunger. Because "good-carb" foods are filling, she'll be less likely to overeat. Plus, teaching her to prefer the flavor and texture of healthier carbs at a young age can help her develop smart eating habits for life. To tell which carbs are the right ones, check the label and favor those foods with a high proportion of fiber and protein (at least 3 grams of each) in relation to overall carbohydrates.

7. Move It!

Once they discover their own mobility, most babies are only too happy to stay on the go, but you should get in on the act too—make playtime a special bonding time for the two of you, and your baby will learn to love being active. Get down on his level and play: Lie on 
the floor and let him climb on you, or crawl around with him and chase each other around the house. Once he starts walking, make a stroll outdoors a regular routine for the whole family. You can even make watching TV an active experience—watch with him, and play games and
 dance along with the characters on the program. Keep it fun, and you'll keep him moving.