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8 Ways Motherhood Has Made Me a Better Person

I was skiing last winter with my friend Allan when I told him that I'd have to take a break to use the bathroom.

"Again?" he asked with his eyebrows.

"My bladder's never been the same since my twin pregnancy," I explained.

Allan, who is childless and girlfriendless by choice, and whose primary goal that winter was to accumulate 100 day-stickers on his ski pass, asked, "Is there anything that gets better because of motherhood?"

This time, my eyebrows raised. "You mean besides the fact that I am completely in love with my children?" I said.

"Yeah. Besides that."

I began the list on our drive down the mountain, continued it, mentally, as I fell asleep that night, and, the next morning, came up with even more to add. I was glad Allan asked the question. I've always been grateful for my children, but suddenly, and with some perspective, I began to see how many tangible gifts they have given me  -- and how many ways I am better because I am their mother.