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And Baby Makes 7

It's August in Tennessee, and it's very hot. Dave and Beth Ann Huston are sweating a little, pacing, keeping a close eye on the clock. They're about to become parents for the first time. "It's almost like waiting to walk down the aisle at your wedding," says Beth Ann. "You're nervous, but it's an excited kind of nervousness."

Their eager and anxious anticipation make the Hustons pretty typical first-time parents. But in most other ways, they're not typical at all: They're waiting in the driveway of their Murfreesboro home. And they're expecting not only a baby, but that baby's four siblings as well.

And instead of having nine months of pregnancy to prepare for parenthood, the Hustons have had just 10 days to get ready for a large new family  -- Michael, 5; Christopher, nearly 4; Dustin, almost 3; Kimberly, 22 months; and Drew, 3 months. These kids  -- foster children and victims of abuse and neglect in the home of their biological parents  -- are about to make Dave and Beth Ann parents, five times over.

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