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Decoding Baby Cues

Alli Jagoda

You probably wish your baby could unravel a bunch of mysteries for you: What do you find so funny about my jingling a set of keys in front of your face? Does that stroller wheel really taste better than your paci? And how come you treated me to 20 hours of labor, then came out looking like Dad?

No matter how puzzled you may be, it's still a drop in the ocean—well, baby bathtub—compared with all the questions your child surely has. Think of how weird the world must seem to her, from the mobile over her crib to that little thing you keep pulling out of your pocket and talking into (and just wait till she sees Lady Gaga). Knowing what's on her mind, even if she can't tell you yet, can help you be an even better parent by making you sensitive to her concerns. Here's what experts tell us babies are most curious about, and what they'd quiz you on if they could.