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Baby Bonding


Few things are as powerful as the mom-baby connection. But the fact is, some moms feel an instant bond the second they see their baby, and some don't. You may feel confused, scared, and disconnected at first, and that's completely normal. Either way, there are lots of ways for you to build a lasting bond with your baby.

How bonds develop before birth

Your relationship with your baby starts well before you two meet face to face. Throughout your pregnancy, you've been as close to each other as humanly possible: Your breath provided the oxygen for your baby; your blood transported everything that was essential for life. Your hormones, your diet, your stress level, and your health habits directly affected him or her. And your baby, obviously, was changing you. Your labor and delivery also play a role in your bonding experience. Your physical and emotional condition after birth affects how you interact with your newborn initially. If labor is especially long or difficult, or if you are afflicted with a pregnancy-related ailment like preeclampsia (a condition marked by hypertension that can cause debilitating migraines), you may be too weak or tired at first to focus completely on bonding.