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The Baby-Food Diet for Dads


For lunch the following day, I tried HappyBaby's Chick Chick (organic chicken with sweet potatoes and brown rice pasta) and Stage 2 banana, beet and blueberry combo (which would make an excellent mixer for a frozen drink). When I weighed myself after 48 hours, I was down 5 pounds.

It's easy to see why the diet works. The most familiar tenets of a good diet -- lots of fruits and veggies, small portions scattered throughout the day -- are staples of the baby-food diet. The foods are also very low in sodium, which minimizes water retention. Other surprising side effects: I didn't get hungry during the day and found myself more focused and alert, which is also a byproduct of fasting.

In total, I lost 6 pounds in five days. The diet is a bit intense as a way of life (try remembering to do anything 14 times a day), and it certainly doesn't provide all the nutritional requirements a growing, unshaven man like myself needs. Baby food could work as small, low-calorie, vitamin-packed snacks. Or at the very least, it can jazz up a rum runner.