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Plan Baby Friendly Vacations

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Beach Blanket Baby

The beach vacation is, hands-down, the classic family trip and perhaps the easiest with a baby. Here's why:

Room to Roam: Consider renting a beach house or condo, suggests Jeanenne Tornatore, senior editor at and a mom of a 2-year-old and a newborn. “You can easily prepare meals, and you'll have a kitchen to store milk, formula, baby food, etcetera — not to mention the extra space for your stroller and other essentials.”

So Long Schedule: A beach stay can be a soothing, laid-back slice of heaven for the whole family. You can work around your baby's feeding and nap schedule (and have a seaside siesta yourself in the afternoon).

Wallet-Friendly: You can enjoy off-season rates. Beach resort prices tend to drop dramatically in the off-season. Since you aren't tied down by a back-to-school schedule yet, you can plan your trip accordingly.

Oodles of Bonding: The lazy pace of a beach vacation will give you precious hours to connect with your family. And you'll bring home indelible memories of those little squeals of delight when your baby's feet burrow into wet sand for the first time.

Keep in Mind:

  • Be sun safe. It's especially important to keep baby's delicate skin safe from the punishing oceanfront sun.
  • Keep baby (and yourself) hydrated. Offer baby fluids (breast milk or formula for those under 1) frequently.
  • Be hyper-aware of beach hazards. Take turns watching the baby while your partner snoozes, reads or swims. Curious babies move fast and are super-attracted to water. Most beaches are littered with choking hazards (sand, shells, fish bones) that are fascinating to babies.

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