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Baby Gear Personal Shopper

High Chairs
You want a tray that's easy to lift off with one hand. And before you shell out for wheels and lots of adjustable heights, talk to friends with older kids. Did they really wheel their high chair around and adjust its height? Most important: A center post attached to the seat rather than the tray is safer, since your baby will still be protected when the tray is taken off.

Tiny kitchen?
* Small size is key.
* If you really will bother to get the high chair out of the way after every meal, look for one that folds, with a lock to prevent accidental folding.
good choices: Graco Harmony Highchair

Fussy baby?
* Toy trays can be sanity savers.
* A reclining seat will let a young baby hang out at your level while you eat your sandwich, instead of being down in a bouncer. He's happier being able to see you (just don't feed solids in a reclining position).
good choice: Evenflo SmartSteps Discovery Highchair

Neat freak?
* A snap-off tray that covers the larger tray and fits in the dishwasher eases cleanup.
* Beware of crevices that will catch food.
* A vinyl, washable seat pad in a pattern or dark color is the way to go.
good choices: Chicco Polly Highchair