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Baby Lessons

Capturing the Magic; Sleeptime Solutions

Capturing the Magic

"I'd have given Danielle and Jessica even more hugs and kisses because with infants you don't need to ask first."

-- Michael Gross, Boca Raton, FL

"I would have carried a camera with me everywhere. Then I could have taken pictures of all of those spontaneous moments, like Casey's first crawl, his first time in the snow, his first ice cream cone  -- things I thought I'd never forget but am starting to."

-- Teri Nunis, Southlake, TX

"After my son was born, I would have asked for more than a few days off from work. I'm from France, where it's common for men to take three or four weeks of paternity leave. I feel cheated that I missed those first weeks of fatherhood."

-- Paul Claveau, Orlando

"When Gensen rolled over, I clapped and moved on to the next milestones  -- sitting up, then crawling, then walking. I wish I could have slowed down and savored every little thing she did. It seemed like that first year was over before I knew it."

-- Kami Madison, Higginsville, MO

Sleeptime Solutions

"I should have let T.J. nap in his stroller instead of always having him sleep in his crib. He became so attached to sleeping at home that it was hard to travel with him anywhere. And now he still won't sleep anywhere except his bedroom  -- not even at Grandma's house."

-- Stephanie Ransom, Merrick, NY

"I'd let my baby cry it out and teach her to go to sleep herself. As soon as she cried, I went to her, and now we're in major trouble. She's two and still won't go to sleep on her own  -- either my husband or I have to lie down with her. We get to bond, but it's very time-consuming."

-- Dot Senne, Daytona Beach, FL

"I would have had our son sleep in his crib. He slept in our bed, and it took four years to get him out! At one point during my wife's second pregnancy, he was tossing and turning so much that he was accidentally kicking her. She actually had to sleep on the floor!"

-- Paul Silverstein, New York City

"I wish I'd had my twins sleep in my room immediately. By the time I'd hear them and walk to their room, they were screaming and all frazzled. It was hard to settle them down, and the whole nursing process took a lot longer than it should have. After a couple of months, I put them in my room, and it was a million times easier  -- I'd sense them stirring, nurse them, and put them right back down without having to fully wake up. They stayed in my room until they were five months old."

-- Leslie Lido, Merrick, NY