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Baby Swimming Lessons

3 to 5 years

Your child can...

  • Learn to float on his front and back.
  • Roll from one side to the other.
  • Use his arms and legs to propel himself forward and tread water.

Fun ways to learn

  • Follow the Leader can help your child practice skills like blowing bubbles and kicking.
  • Ask your child to pretend he's an animal, and to move like a dolphin, a snake, or a kangaroo.
  • Play Red Light, Green Light (your child hangs on to the edge and kicks when you say "green light") to work on swimming and listening skills.

Keep in mind...

  • If you want your child to take swim lessons, this is the age when he can go solo, whether he's been in classes with you before or not. Talk about it ahead of time to prepare him.
  • Select a class that has no more than six children per instructor.
  • Don't let him run near the pool; teach him not to go near it unless an adult is supervising.