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Babyproof Your Bash

Say "No" to noisemakersThey fall apart easily and could become achoking hazard. Plus, all that extra racket also makes tired babiescry.

Skip the party hats The elastic bands bite children's necks, andbabies are bound to gnaw on them. You could give each baby a giftof a brightly colored bib to wear. They're useful and will have alife beyond the party.

Be careful with balloons Latex ones are a choking hazard whendeflated or popped. Mylar balloons are a better, and safe, bet.

Don't serve hot dogs, nuts, raisins, hard candies, raw carrots,grapes, or popcorn, since children under 3 can choke on them.Better choices: chicken, pasta, pretzels, Goldfish crackers, and peeled apple slices.

Watch the candle on the cake (or skip it): You may need to swoopin and grab your baby's hand if she tries to snatch it beforeit's blown out.