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Babytalk's Big Sex Survey

8 percent
The (sad) number of new parents who have date night once a week

General stats:
• 66 percent were happy with their pre-baby sex life; only 24 percent are happy with their post-baby sex life.
• 74 percent say sleep is more important than sex.
•  Nearly 60 percent say their partner is the one who initiates sex.

How many respondents have sex more than once a week?
Before baby

After baby 24%

Breastfeeding moms, read here!
• 75 percent are having less sex than they did pre-baby.
• 80 percent say their partner wishes they had more sex.

Your bedroom used to be just that: a bedroom. Now it's a makeshift nursery, day-care center, storage facility and pump station. But newborns doesn't only change ground zero for your sex life. They can change the quality and quantity of sex, the level of intimacy and, perhaps most important, the biology of a woman's body.

 Because sex is such a private and taboo subject, getting specific details about post-baby coitus is a real struggle. (There's a good reason the guy who invented the "Do Not Disturb" sign is a millionaire.) Hence, we commissioned a study to learn about the sexual practices of new parents nationwide. More than 10,000 people -- 96 percent of whom were female -- participated, making it the largest sex survey in the magazine's history. Short of peeking through the neighbors' blinds, this is as close as we'll ever get to seeing what's happening in America's most private rooms. With the help of ob-gyns, pediatricians, therapists and sexperts, we present the study's most interesting facts and trends, plus tips for restoring the bedroom to the love nest it once was.