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Throw a Back-to-School Bash!

Morgan Lane Photography/Veer

The idea:
Ask guests to bring a pre-determined number of each item, such as folders, markers, or notebooks. At the end of the party, each child leaves with at least one of everything.

Party Activities:

•Morning rush: Divide the kids into two teams. Place as many sets of adult clothes (shirts, pants, ties, jackets, socks) as there are players in piles. On “Go!” have one kid race to the pile and put on the clothes. The first team with all the clothes on wins.

•Letter hunt: As with an egg hunt, hide two sets of magnetic letters around the house or yard. Once all the letters have been found, the first child who can spell a word with her collected letters wins.

•It's a draw: Provide markers and stickers, and then take and print pics of the party-goers that they can use to personalize their notebooks and folders. If you're lucky, that's one homework assignment already completed.

•Simplify your menu: Serve classic PB&Js.