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Throw a Back-to-School Bash!

Morgan Lane Photography/Veer

Double Duty Decorations:

These themed decor ideas will also make excellent party favors

•You Rule
Wrap a coffee can with a sheet of letter stickers ($8;, then fill it with rulers.

•Stuck Together
Print out a banner that reads “Stick to the school rules,” and glue it to a paper straw (25 for $5; Glue the straw to the glue bottle.

•Piece of Cake

Glue two 10 by 4-inch Styrofoam cake forms ($15 each; Michaels stores) together. Wrap two blue rubber bands around the cake form. Stick pencils into the rubber bands so they stand upright and cover the entire “cake.” Top red pencils (12 for $7; with yellow pencil-top erasers (multicolor 15-pack for $1; ) and stick them into the cake form as “candles.” Cover the top of the cake with red and blue rubber bands to resemble the frosting. Display on a cake stand, like the Mosser Glass Footed Cake Plate ($76;

•Cover All
Enlarge and photocopy the cover of a composition book on a few 11 by 17-inch pieces of paper. Cut any white edges, and tape the copies together to form the tablecloth.

•Sweet Mistakes
These “candy” erasers are simple to re-create. Just wrap classic erasers in wax paper and twist the edges.

Line the inside of the top of a lunch box with scrapbook paper. Place Styrofoam in the bottom. In neat rows, stick highlighters or scissors into the foam. Cover Styrofoam with blue paper clips.

Fill a cookie jar or a fish bowl with eraser tops. Provide a scoop so guests can shovel them out.