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Cake decoration and assembly

2 cups dried, sweetened coconut flakes
green, blue, and red food coloring
1 cup water
sliced, blanched almonds
Gummy Worms
assorted Fruit Roll-Ups
black licorice strips
two M&Ms
small paintbrush

To tint coconut: Combine 20 drops of green food coloring with 2 tsp. water; toss with coconut flakes.

To make marzipan bees: Start with a small round of marzipan. Shape one end slightly thinner and pointed. While marzipan is still soft, poke sliced, blanched almond "wings" into the body. Mix blue, green, and red food coloring to create black; paint thin stripes and dot eyes.

To make butterflies: Use scissors to cut out butterfly wings from Fruit Roll-Ups. Next, cut out small shapes to decorate the wings. Attach shapes to wings with a dab of water. Use a Gummy Worm for the butterfly body; attach to wings with water.

Assembly: Using a serving tray, sprinkle tinted coconut over entire tray. Arrange frosted cupcakes in "grass" in a squiggly caterpillar shape. Cut black licorice into small pieces and place them on cupcakes for legs. On first cupcake, place licorice antenna and M&M eyes. Arrange butterflies and bees in the "grass." Finish with a candle.