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Body Confidence Quiz: How Do You View Your Body?

Babytalk teamed up with Rago and Jennifer Payne, M.D., codirector of the Johns Hopkins Women's Mood Disorders Center in Baltimore, to create the following quiz. Answer the questions below, then read on for advice and support to shore up any weak spots.

1. When I see the stretch marks on my stomach, they
A) remind me of the beautiful baby I carried for nine-plus months. These are battle scars!
B) get me down. I never had stretch marks before, but I know they'll fade with time.
C) gross me out. I would so get them lasered off if I could.

2. When my partner and I get it on, I'm most likely to
A) jump him in the morning. It may be bright out, but that's the only time we have to connect.
B) get what on? We're so tired we can barely get our baby's Onesie on.
C) bolt for the light switch. He doesn't need to see my shar-pei-puppy belly rippling over him.

3. The first thing that pops into my head when I see Tori Spelling or Kelly Ripa in a bikini is
A) "Hahahahahahahaha! Ha."
B) "Well, I'd look like that, too, if I could afford a personal chef and a trainer."
C) "Why didn't I just get a tummy tuck with my c-section?"

4. When my partner tells me I'm beautiful, I think he's
A) sincere.
B) just trying to get some action.
C) Huh? My partner does not tell me I'm beautiful.

5. Breastfeeding makes me feel
A) connected on so many levels.
B) a little damp and sticky.
C) like a cow.

6. Before pregnancy, the best way to describe how I felt about my body would be
A) Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.
B) Atonement.
C) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

7. Now, the best way to describe how I feel about my body would be
A) Enchanted.
B) Supersize Me.
C) Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

8. When I think about my body, my inner voice sounds
A) like my best friend.
B) like my mother.
C) like a drill sergeant.

9. I can't wait to
A) take a Mommy-and-Me swim class.
B) do a down dog without my boobs hitting me in the eye.
C) work out hard. I'm so frustrated with my body that it's all I can think about.

10. The most recent postpregnancy outfit I bough was
A) a daring V-neck to show off my fab cleavage.
B) nothing yet. I'm still waiting to see if I fit into any of my prepregnancy clothes and will reassess then.
C) a pair of loose sweats and a hoodie.

11. The closest I've ever come to a mental health problem is
A) staring at Heidi Klum for too long.
B) general stress and anxiety, but I've always been able to keep it in check with therapy, self-help techniques, and chocolate.
C) I've been diagnosed and/or treated for anorexia, bulimia, compulsive overexercising and/or depression.

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