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Bringing Up Babies

3: Finding other moms who get it

Trust us, you need to protect your sanity by having at least one pal who gets what it's like to have two or more babies at once. Here's how to find one:

* Join a mothers-of-multiples club. The National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc. is the best-known resource.

* Call nearby kiddie gyms and baby classes. Ask which activities are frequented by moms of multiples.

* Connect with patients of your pediatrician or ob. Post a playgroup sign-up in their waiting rooms.

4: Get-some-sleep secrets

* When our twins were congested, they napped upright (for better nasal drainage and breathing) in their car seats.

* We recognized their individual sleep styles. One twin preferred to be tightly swaddled in a Moses basket, while the other sprawled out in the bassinet.

* They stayed in the same room even when one was screaming. They had to get used to the noise. Neither of us lives in a mansion, you know.

* We ignored our prejudice against pacifiers and introduced them to our twins early on. Since then, the American Academy of Pediatrics announced that pacifiers have a protective effect against SIDS—yay!

* We used the vibrate function on their bouncy seats and portable cribs to lull them to sleep. (We bought batteries in bulk.)

* We stuck to their eat, play, and sleep routines. The schedule afforded the babies some stability—they knew what to expect and so did we. As a bonus, it was easier to have relief come in and follow the routine.