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Car Seat Installation Tips

Convertible Seats Rear

Convertible seats (rear-facing)
From birth until around 30 pounds. Even if your child has turned 1, keep him rear-facing until he has reached the upper weight limit or the top of his head is less than an inch from the top of the seat.

1. The harness straps should be in slots at or below your child's shoulders, and the top of the clip should be at armpit level. Be sure the harness is snug.

2. Newborns and young infants need the seat reclined approximately 45 degrees, but older babies with good head control should recline only about 35 degrees.

3. Convertible seats have a top tether that can sometimes be used rear-facing. Check your manual.

4. Have your older child fold or cross his legs to stay comfortable in a rear-facing seat longer.