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Car-Seat Safety

Securing Baby in the Seat

The big moment has finally arrived. Baby is going home, and he's ready to ride in his new seat. Points to remember:

  • The harness straps should be tightened so that you can't get more than two fingers between the harness and the child's collarbone.

  • The harness retainer clip should be at the level of Baby's armpits.

  • The seat should be reclined at a 45 degree angle. Many infant seats come with a level indicator, which shows you when the seat is reclined at the right angle. If your infant's head is flopping forward, the seat may not be reclined enough. There are a few tricks that can help you achieve the right angle if your seat doesn't have a level indicator. If you're using the detachable base that comes with the seat, try installing the seat without it (check the manufacturer's instructions). Don't worry; the seat is just as safe used alone as it is with the base. If the seat is still too upright, wedge a tightly rolled towel under the end of the seat closest to the rear of the car.
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