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6 Things Your Baby Would Tell You

"I want you to be happy"

Babies want to be content, and hardly anything, aside from a clean diaper and a full belly, makes them feel more relaxed than when you're feeling good, too.

Emotions are highly contagious, even among people who don't share a bond as close as that of parent and child. You know how the surly supermarket clerk can make you grumpy? The same goes for your baby's reaction to you. So if you do what it takes for you to feel good, your baby's likely to pick up on your mood and feel just as contented. Don't be concerned, though: All babies are inevitably exposed to their parents in their best and worst moods, and your baby loves and depends on you no matter what your frame of mind. You can't always be chipper, but if what you need is a break, take it. If music or a walk or a nice dinner makes you smile, indulge. Your baby wants you to.