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Confessions Of a Pregnant Nutritionist

In my years as a nutritionist in private practice, I have created dozens of picture-perfect meal plans for my pregnant clients. My mom-to-be menus had all the right elements and ideal amounts of vitamins and minerals, all wrapped up in the appropriate number of calories. I always figured that, when my turn came, I would have it all together. Ha!

When I was pregnant, the gods must have laughed as my idea of perfection was thrown out the window. I quickly learned firsthand what it's like to contend with the all-consuming forces of morning sickness, a raging appetite, and powerful cravings. It's amazing how your perspective changes when it's your own swollen feet walking a mile in those pregnant woman's shoes.

That's not to say that during my pregnancy I scrapped all my knowledge about good prenatal nutrition. Of everything you feel during pregnancy, the desire to have a healthy baby and to stay healthy yourself ranks highest. But I certainly had a lot to learn about what getting through morning sickness, conquering cravings, and navigating nutritional dangers really takes when you're expecting.