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Dad’s Side: A Father’s Baby Shower?

When my wife traveled through the baby-shower circuit four years ago for Isabelle, and then later on for a second mini-shower tour for Lorelei, she was, to my surprise, irked about the guest list. She felt somebody important was missing: me.

And she had a point. The baby shower is like the kickoff to the parenting game. Not inviting fathers sends a distinct message to dads: The parenting details are for the moms. Dads, don't you worry your pretty little heads about diapers, baby clothes, pacifiers, and complicated things like mobiles and teething rings.

So the next time I learn that one of my friends is going to become a father, I plan on throwing a shower for him. Yes -- a baby shower for dads. It's an idea whose time has come. I wish I could say this was an original concept, but I recently read about a group of men in Washington state who did just that for one of their father friends. So to all the expectant dads out there, consider this column my gift to you. Show it to your male pals and let them throw you a baby shower.

Here's everything they need to know:

Invitations I myself would send out a formal invitation to show the guys I'm serious, but you know your friends better than I do. If you think they'd never attend a baby shower -- even one for dads -- send them an e-mail saying something along the lines of: "FREE BEER. My house. Saturday. 7 p.m. FREE BEER. Bring some diapers or a baby toy. OR NO FREE BEER." Trust me, they'll come.

Decorations Anything goes, as long as it's tastefully done in deep-dish pizza and chicken wings.