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Diary of a New Mother

Day 10

Cole's nasty, dried-up umbilical cord fell off. In honor of our son's losing this last vestige of life in the womb, Greg got in the tub and gave Cole a grown-up, full-body bath, which he loved.

We went on our first outing today to attend Greg's dad's birthday dinner. We began getting ready at 2:30. First I had to figure out what to wear so I could nurse. Then we dressed Cole. I fed him one last time before we left the house so he wouldn't get hungry in the car. That was a mistake. As soon as we were on the freeway, he spit up all over his nice outfit.

Upon arriving at Greg's parents' house, we went upstairs to change him. That was mistake number two. As soon as we got Cole's diaper off, he pooped all over the bedspread. Greg and I fell over laughing, then tried to clean up the mess before the mustard color set in.

Day 18

Greg's first day back at work. Thank goodness that my friend Katie is here with her daughter, Catherine, or I'd still be in bed, unfed, with a dirty baby.

I managed to write birth announcements and thank-you notes in the morning while Cole was asleep, even though what I really wanted to do was just hold his warm little body against mine. I read the front page of the newspaper, started the dishwasher, threw in a load of washing, and actually managed to get it folded on the same day. Meanwhile, Katie made us five different dinners for the freezer. Miracle worker. I think harems may have their advantages: The women can rely on one another for childcare and household chores.