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Best Resources for Digital Scrapbooking

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1 SWEET BABY for the iPad lets you add video, photos, and text via fill-in-the-blank questions to create an interactive baby book. Free;

2 PRINTSTAGRAM is where Instagram meets the photo album. These mini-books make great keepsakes for documenting birthday parties and holidays. $12 for two 50-photo books;

3 KIDLEE is a social-networking app devoted to baby updates. Keep friends and family looped in on everything from lost teeth to doctor visits. Free;

4 Create a customizable BLUMOXY MOXYBOOK by curating pictures, status updates, comments, wall posts, and tweets from your social-networking sites. $1 per page;

5 Store all those scribbly masterpieces safely in cyberspace with ART MY KID MADE. Snap a photo of the artwork, then show off the finished product on Facebook and Twitter. Free;

6 KEEPSY converts your Instagram, Facebook, and Flickr feeds into pocket books, albums, or calendars. Starting at $15;