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Discipline Tips from the World's Strictest Parents

Anyone who feels like they had the world's strictest parents needs to meet Cliff and Lisa Bolton, the stubborn but loving duo from CMT's World's Strictest Parents. The Boltons, who refer to themselves as Coach B and Miss B, adhere to all of the discipline rules in the book -- times ten -- and have added their own. In our exclusive interview, the Boltons explain why kids want to be disciplined.

Did you already have a reputation for being the World's Strictest Parents?
Coach B: Well, we're pretty strict. Not mean-strict.
Miss B: I have a 23-year-old daughter now. In junior high and high school, all the other moms would call me and say, "Are you letting your daughter do this?" We were the moral compass, and that's a heavy burden.
Coach B: The key is to do it without being judgmental. We all have had our struggles as parents.
Miss B: We're not perfect.
Coach B: Speak for yourself!
Miss B: But we ended up feeling like the bad guys a lot, when people would use us as an excuse to not let their own kids do things or go places. But popularity's not number one our list.

Coach B says in the show, "I don't need any teenage friends." That was a big moment for me. I think that's where a lot of parents mess up. They want to be best friends with their kids, no matter what.
Coach B: Parents and teachers.

But most parents do want to be friends with their kids, and I'm sure you guys are, sometimes. How do you balance that?
Miss B: Well any friendship is built on trust.
Coach B: And love.
Miss B: And security. So our children are raised, knowing they're loved, secure, you know. And all good relationships have boundaries, I don't care if you're a kid or an adult. But we are friends with our children when they are young, their number one friends they can go to.

Have your kids ever been afraid to tell you anything, since you're so strict?
Coach B: Sometimes they didn't tell us because they were afraid of disappointing us. They've been good and eager to please us most of their lives. Kids don't want to disappoint their parents. I was the same way, I didn't want to let my parents down. I was afraid of disappointment.