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Do-It-Yourself Preschool


Public Safety

Hurry, hurry, drive that fire truck! Call your engine company and set up an appointment for a firehouse tour (for help finding one nearby, check out See where the firefighters cook and sleep when they're on duty, and try on as much equipment as possible. Get some fire-safety tips along the way.

Homework: Log on to for online coloring pages and fire-safety games, as well as information about becoming a junior fire marshal.

Applied Communications

The next time your child draws a picture for a grandparent or a friend, take a trip to the post office to mail it to the recipient. Have your kid choose the stamp and stick it on. Bring along a map, and try to find the delivery route the letter will take.

Homework: Hand over your junk mail so your child can play "post office."

20th-Century Artifacts

Go to a flea market or antiques shop to look for relics from different eras. Or visit a historic home in your area (find one at, then point out the similarities and differences with your own house.

Homework: Show your tot some old photos of yourself from when you were a child. What were you wearing? What kinds of toys did you have? How bad was your hair?