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Election 2012: How Parents Are Voting

Barbara Spottel

42% of parents have changed their political views since becoming parents

48% of parents have become more politcially motivated since becoming a parent

Video: Watch parents share how their political views have changed

Kate Snow: Has anyone changed their views since having kids?

Aliya: It's made my positions stronger. I'm Muslim, and there is a lot of Islamophobia out there. It's OK for me to handle it, but I want to shield my kids from it. I don't want them to have to ask me one day, “Why does this person hate me because I'm Muslim?”

Denene: I've become more firmly rooted in my stances as well. Women's rights have turned into a whole different thing for me now that my oldest daughter is 13. That absolutely carries over into how I feel about my children's right to legislate their bodies.

Jason: My views became less selfish. Before having kids, improving our education system was an abstraction for me. Today I have a vested interest in it because I have two kids who are going to be a product of that system.

6 out of 10 respondents are OK with a single parent being president

Kate Snow: Is there anything that would stop you from voting for a presidential candidate, in terms of their lifestyle choices? If they were divorced, gay, a single parent?

Anna: I'm looking at it from the opposite extreme. I wouldn't vote for someone who wasn't accepting of those different situations because that's what our country is all about.