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Best Family Resorts' Kids' Clubs

Healthy Retreat

Go To: Fairmont Families

No need to nag your kid to eat right or get a little exercise. Well, at least not on vacation. Fairmont has mastered both, starting with the nutrition-packed children's faves at their clubs: whole-wheat spaghetti and lean meatballs, low-fat pizza, and reduced-sugar chocolate mousse, all washed down with unsweetened juices and smoothies.

Join the Club: At the Scottsdale Princess, kids in Bobcat Billy's Clubhouse go lagoon fishing and play filmmaker on a video safari in the McDowell Mountains. Scamper to the zero-entry pool with pop jets that spurt out unpredictably, to toddlers' delight.

Fit for Kids: Ride BMW cruise bikes or take on any of seven sports-themed obstacle courses. 

Kiddie Swag: A stuffed otter, bubble bath, and baby shampoo are in the free essentials kit.