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Father's Day and Single Motherhood

My editor here at emailed me to ask how I feel about Father’s Day. Hmmm. She wrote: “Do you have a different way of celebrating? Do you ignore it? Is it a day that makes you sad or pissed?” As a single mom raising JD alone (his father has never met him) these are very good questions. Questions I just as soon not tackle and instead throw back a Bloody Mary on Sunday and then spend time with JD, family and friends. But here goes…

Father’s Day is a day that is overflowing with emotions. It’s a happy day. Friends and family wish me a “Happy Father’s Day” and JD makes me a card and gives me flowers. I’m his mom and dad and like the tagline for Mama’s Boy reads, I can throw a baseball, so there. I can teach my son to catch a football and be enthusiastic when we go on bug hunts (even though I hate bugs.) I can play cars and build a car wash out of blocks every night. I try to be his mom and dad, I really do. Gender roles are silly to me, really. I’m doing everything and we’re surviving. Along the almost three years, I’ve learned that I give JD something better than a soccer session in the courtyard—I give him love. I give him my time. I make him my priority. Everything I do, I do for my child. It’s also a happy day because I have a great relationship with my father and so does JD—of course we celebrate. This year we’ll play at the park, swim and go out to dinner. I can’t wait.

This article was originally published on Mama's Boy.