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Finding the Perfect Name

Sleepless nights, total confusion, tears of frustration—and your baby isn't even here yet! For countless new or expectant moms and dads, the perfect name seems impossible to find. Then eureka! You not only agree on one, but it's just right. We asked you to tell how you solved your own little identity problem. Here's what you had to say:

All in the family

"When we adopted our daughter, her birth mother's last name was Allison. My husband and I wanted our little girl to keep a part of her biological identity—and to thank her birth mom for bringing her into the world—so that's the name we chose."

-Christina Mainland, San Diego

"I've always known that I'd name my daughter Katy after my grandmother. She was the only child out of twelve siblings to graduate from college, and she even went to graduate school—quite an accomplishment, considering that it was the 1920s. I'm happy that my daughter, who's only four, already has her great-grandmother's kindness and spunk."

-Teresa Price, North Yarmouth, ME

"We carried on my family's tradition of naming daughters Mary with a middle name starting with an 'E.' I'm very proud to have passed this custom on to my daughter, Mary Emily."

-Mary Elizabeth Baldwin-Anderson, Austin, TX

"To name our daughter, I played a word-scramble game to see how many names I could come up with using the letters in my husband's mother's and my mother's first and middle names: Sharon Jean and Anita Louise. When I finished, I had more than sixty options, but my husband and I could agree on only one: Alina."

-Sue Adams, Black Diamond, WA

"I lost my parents in a plane crash, so when my husband and I were blessed with a daughter four years later, we wanted to honor their memory. We named her Lauren Marie, after her grandparents, Larry and Mary. My mom and dad will always be with her in spirit."

-Debra Barker, Modesto, CA

"My husband is a huge Elvis fan and wanted to name our daughter after Lisa Marie Presley, but I was looking for something more sentimental. So I took the first letter from each of the names of the most important women in my life: my sister, Leticia; my mother, Esther; my aunts, Yole and Sylvia; and my grandmother, Angelita—and they just so happened to spell Leysa (pronounced like Lisa). My husband thinks he got his way, but I know better!"

-Laura Adames, Camp Lejeune, NC